How to make your home feel like a resort

How to make your home feel like a resort


Vacation vibes to bring home from Sicily; olive trees, wicker and limestone

Right about now, I would venture to guess the majority of us could use a vacation 🌿☀️🍷

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, air travel isn't super appealing.  During this time out, our homes have become our sanctuaries more than ever before.   The upside being domestic activities such as baking, landscaping, remodeling and pet adoption are on the rise!

Time to transform your home into a haven.  

Some things to consider before embarking on your transformation; do you like to cook, are you a gardener, do you love to read, do you like a good long soak in the tub?  All important factors to consider.


Bring your favorite vacation spot home

When I think of my dream vacation, I envision a mountain retreat, preferably near an organic winery with an offering of cooking classes and wine tastings.  


One way to bring the vacation experience to your home is to set up a tent in your backyard.  Add some layered rugs, lots of floor pillows, a bottle of wine, some twinkle lights and voila!  

Movie Night


At night consider setting up a screen or sheet (pulled taut in a frame or between posts) in the backyard where you can project a film.  Pass around bags of popcorn, a few bottles of wine, turn the twinkle lights on and you have an entertaining, safe, socially distanced evening.

Create a reading space inside your home

Whether in front of a window, against a wall or in the corner of a room, you can create the perfect space to get away from all of the madness of the day where you can read a book, sip a cup of tea or just chill out.  


A vintage rattan daybed looks lovely perched in front of a picture window with floor to ceiling bookshelves nearby.


A more minimalist approach to a reading spot is this daybed placed against the wall.  Again lots of pillows, shelves for books and natural light are key.


A deep built in window seat is always a great option.  

 For those with less space


If you're short on space, consider placing a chair paired with a side table in the corner of a room.  

During Covid, Home Cooking and Baking are at an all time high


Whether you're an avid baker or an expert at ordering takeout, the kitchen more than ever has become the center of people's lives.  An upside to the pandemic has been a return to basics.  People have slowed down and are concentrating on what's important in life.  Less travel time, more time spent at home.  Sour Dough is enjoying a resurgence like never before.  This beginner artisan recipe from is a great place to start if you've never attempted to make bread before.  I recently ordered a sour dough starter online.  I've read Nancy Silverton's (La Brea Bakery) sourdough starter is so good scientist's are currently studying it.  


If sweets are more up your alley, I had to share this beautiful array of donuts styled by @Jessica.r.huang 

The kitchen has become the most important room in the house


Sticking with the baking theme, the kitchen has definitely become the central hub of the home.  If you have a space either inside your kitchen or adjacent to it, consider creating a breakfast nook with  a built-in banquette or a table and chairs.   


Open shelving in a kitchen not only looks great but is practical too.  Imagine how beautiful your collections of ceramics and pottery would look, not to mention how accessible everything would be.  

Words to garden by


Now is the perfect time to tackle that vegetable garden you've been meaning to start.  I like the idea of a raised vegetable & herb garden.  These 4 x 8 containers are great if you have the space, but if you're short on space, fear not, there are lots of vertical options available online.  

A Modern take on a raised vegetable garden


 Indoor Herb Garden


If space is an issue, consider creating an indoor herb garden.  I love the look and functionality of these painted black boxes attached to the wall.  Green always looks chic and modern against black, I'm not sure how drainage works, but it's a cool look that would definitely come in handy in the kitchen.

In closing, that wraps up my top tips for creating a resort like vibe in your home, whether you're into baking, gardening, reading or camping in your own backyard, my goal was to provide you with inspiration you can apply to your own home.  I hope the pandemic is in our rear view window in the very near future and wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous year.

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